On behalf of Campaign Against the Arms Trade
​Dear friends and colleagues,
As part of Campaign Against the Arms Trade, i would like to say that its an honour being here and standing in solidarity with the Palestinians people. But as we stand here, we’re not just standing here in Solidarity with the Palestinians residing in occupied Gaza but also we’re standing here in solidarity with those Palestinians in the occupied in the west bank under the “PA”, the Palestinian Israelis that live in Israel as 2nd class citizens who, while also being systematically targetted, also cant vote for a real left leaning political party that articulates the aspirations of the palestinian people within the supposed only democracy in the middle east and for the millions of displaced palestinian refugees, not only those who were displaced in Israels recent acts of terrorism but also those who were ethnically cleansed in the Nakba who have no right of return, these are the 3 demands of the BDS movement and we stand in solidarity with the Palestinians as a whole and everyone resisting oppression throughout the world
The formation of the state of Israel mirrors The Israeli assault on Gaza in July-August 2014, in which 2,205 Palestinians (including 521 children) were killed, an example of Israel’s indiscriminate acts of violence against the Palestinian people.
Yet UK-made weapons and military technologies continue to be sold to and used by the occupying Israeli forces. UK licensed £4 million of arms sale to Israel in four months following the bombing of Gaza in 2014. 
And the trade is two-way: Israel has a thriving arms industry, and sells the technologies of killing and oppression which is honed in Palestine, but finds buyers around the world who use israeli arms and policies to halt democracy within their own borders. UK arms fairs regularly invite Israeli arms companies to host national pavilions, to promote their weaponry, and the UK spends millions on buying Israeli weaponry.
Next week, the farnborough International arms fair will come to the UK. Farnborough last happened in July 2014, at the height of the the attacks on Gaza. As the bombs rained down on Gaza and lives were devastated, Israeli arms companies were in the UK touting for business.
CAATs campaign officer Sarah visited the arms fair. She said:

“It was the most surreal and chilling day I have ever experienced. But for the arms dealers and military buyers attending, it was just business as usual.

I stood by the glossy stands of Israeli arms companies, promoting ‘battle-tested’ weaponry with slick videos of missile strikes and drone attacks, while outside, in the real world, the death toll in Gaza mounted.”

This year, Israeli arms companies such as Elbit Systems, Israeli Aerospace Industries, and Rafael will be back at Farnborough 2016 promoting their weaponry to military buyers from around the world. 

Arms fairs are where the deals that fuel conflict and repression the world over begin. War starts here. But that means we can also act to stop it here.
Join us for a day of action next Monday, 11 July, and take action as part of the Stop Arming Israel campaign. Our main target is the Science Museum, which is hosting a black-tie Gala dinner for the arms dealers attending Farnborough. 

A day which you are all invited to attend and give arms dealers a big London welcome by letting them know that they are basically, unwelcome.

In 2014, large protests at the Science Museum meant that arms dealers arriving for the Farnbrough arms fair reception were turned away at the door. When the Bahraini military delegation saw our protest, it turned tail and left, and our action eventually forced the Museum to turn arms dealers away from the event. 

On Monday, a coalition of groups including CAAT and London Palestine Action will be protesting outside the Science Museum. Join us at 6pm outside the Science Museum to welcome arms dealers as they arrive for the official Farnborough reception.

More information on this can be found on caat’s facebook page and website where you can find more information about the Israeli arms trade, an industry that is assisting and faciliating  aaaIsrael’s occupation of Palestine and how we can work together to bring it to an end for the sake freedom and justice.

Thank you